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Economic Impact

Activities: Charter/Air Taxi operations (such as island services including mail, UPS, Fed Ex, supplies, passengers and medical evacuation); General Aviation (Flying Club, Owls Head Transportation Museum and transients); and Scheduled Commercial Air Service to/from Boston make up nearly all the business related flight operations at Knox County Regional Airport.  Maine only has 36 publicly owned airports and only 6 are served by regularly scheduled passenger service.  Seasonal differences have a significant impact on the airport activities.  Tourism and weather normally combine to drive summer passenger enplanements to 2-3 times the enplanements in other months.  And, the number of part-time employees at the airport quadruples from June to September.  The year round average employment in 2002 was 66 (a business employing 66 people would be among the top 3% of the largest firms in Knox County, according to Eastern Maine Development Corporation).  By 2005, the seven aviation-related tenants on the airport supported 73 employees. (State of Maine Aviation Systems Plan Update, Economic Impact of Airports in Maine)

Excluding the funds injected into the local community by federal and state AIP grant money, in 2002 EMDC calculated the Direct Economic Impact of the airport as nearly $10M annually.  The Maine Aviation Systems Plan Update in 2006, calculated the First Round Impacts at over $15M and the Second Round Impacts at nearly $11M.  The direct and secondary impacts provide an estimated employment to an additional 331 people (up from 193 in 2002).  Much of the monies generated by the airport are derived from sources outside the County, in effect bringing ‘new’ money into the economy, creating a larger economic pie.  In addition, the quality of life in this region is supported by ready transportation and easy access to the global aviation system.  (sources: EMDC Economic Impact of Knox County Regional Airport, 2002 and Wilbur Smith Associates’ Economic Impact of Maine Airports).

The county recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe and community friendly airport.  Anyone wishing to contact the airport manager is urged to do so either by telephone (207) 594-4131 or